ULM Small Business Development Center offers assistance to merchants at risk of closing their business | KTVE

MONROE, Louisiana (KTVE / KARD) – This is the case with Butter Bakery here in downtown Monroe, and the business owner says he wants to expand his business to a 2nd location, but due to the lack of staff, there is a risk of shutting it down.

Butter Bakery owner Adam Jones says he’s struggling to find people to work at both locations for part-time and full-time positions.

“We struggled even there because we just can’t find people to work. Jones said.

He says that once people have the second interview and receive training, they quickly let him know that they are no longer interested in the job.

“It’s a big impact, so my wife is working more and more hours, so we have 3 kids, so that means I’m doing more work at home, and she’s doing more work here.” Jones said.

“So we even talked about reducing to maybe 4 days a week because we don’t have enough staff and we keep losing people. ” He says.

Jones says he’ll keep his first location open for at least a few days as a back-up plan.

it’s a temporary fix that other new business owners might not have.

However, Northeast Louisiana Small Business Development Center director Virendra Chhikara says there are options.

“If you haven’t already been online, reaching the new target audience, redesigning your restaurant in this case, your menu, or reducing the number of tables, these things are very important. said Chhikara

“It’s your plan B, you can’t close, it’s your life.”

And regarding the grant application, Director Chhikara says that is another option.

“We have Grants.gov. and mostly from a nonprofit grant business. Chhikara said.

Director Chhikara says anyone who needs help or advice with their business can always contact the Northeast Louisiana Small Business Development Center at 318-3421224.

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