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shenandoah valley sbdcThe Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center is poised to become an integral part of several ongoing business growth programs that the office of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently awarded Virginia Business District Resurgence Grants Statewide.

Administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, the Virginia Statewide Business District Resurgence Grant supports historically disadvantaged communities and business districts that have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

The Town of Harrisonburg received $ 100,000 in funds, $ 50,000 going to the Bricks and Clicks Business Retention Program and $ 50,000 going to the B-Cubed Growth Program (Black and Brown Owned Business or B3). Led by Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance (HDR), Bricks & Clicks is a partnership between Harrisonburg Economic Development (HED), the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center (SVSBDC) and the School of Professional and Continuing Education at JMU.

The “Bricks” portion of the program focuses on using technical support and training to help existing businesses improve storefront marketing, with the “Clicks” portion aimed at improving online presence and commerce. electronics of a company.

B-Cubed, led by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, brings together HDR, HED, SVSBDC and JMU in an innovative program that aims to cultivate a welcoming culture that will attract new Black and Brown owned business ventures to the region. and encourage increased investment by existing businesses in the Harrisonburg economy.

The Town of Waynesboro received $ 116,000 for the Waynesboro Renaissance Project, an initiative to support the recovery of downtown small businesses and pave the way for a renaissance of Waynesboro. The grant will be used to provide funds to small business owners for consulting services, development of business plans, technical assistance and training; expand the current front grants program to a larger area that will cover more businesses owned by women, minorities and immigrants; enhance the Waynesboro at Work series of entrepreneur success stories; create and implement consumer marketing programs; and update a 2012 housing study assessing residential opportunities in the city center. The SVSBDC will assist in the provision of consulting services, development of business plans, technical assistance and training.

“SVSBDC Deputy Director Allison Dugan and Business Advisor Diane McCarthy have been instrumental in the development of all of these programs, which have already brought enormous benefits to the region’s small business community. In addition to mitigating challenges related to COVID and supporting business owners with diverse backgrounds, the SVSBDC has helped design more targeted and personalized services for business owners across the region. This funding will allow these initiatives to grow for even greater economic impact, ”said Joyce Krech, SVSBDC Director.

The SVSBDC has been a major contributor to business response efforts during COVID, not only in their traditional roles as business advisors, connectors and training providers, but in the formation of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham COVID-19 Business (Response) Resilience Taskforce and Task Force on Recovery of SAW (Staunton Augusta Waynesboro) MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area). Additionally, SVSBDC has been a vital link in helping small businesses understand and navigate a wide range of national, regional and local economic aid programs.

Find more information about B-Cubed at, Bricks & Clicks to, and the Waynesboro Renaissance project in

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